Josiah Brown Poster Abstract


Order Learner Mentor Title Program
1 Zachary A. Achen Manpreet Singh M.D., M.B.E. and Alan Chiem M.D., M.P.H. Risk Stratification of Chest Pain Patients in the ED by Assessing Diastolic Function Using Tissue Doppler Imaging: Feasibility of Implementation STTP
2 Rachel V. Acree Caroline Y. Kuo A Functional Assay to Assess Restoration of Class Switch Recombination by CD40LG-Edited X-Linked Hyper IgM T Cells STTP
3 Elitzander Alegria-Leal Alan Chiem, MD, MPH and Monica Deshmukh, MD. Development of a Novel 3D-Printed Model for Ultrasound-Guided Hip Arthrocentesis STTP
4 Chinmayi Aryasomayajula Laura Wozniak MD, MS and Annabelle de St Maurice MD, MPH Hepatitis B Immunity in Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients STTP
5 Shaghauyegh S. Azar Nader Pouratian MD PhD Phosphene Perception with the Orion Visual Cortical Prosthesis STTP
6 Whi Inh Bae Anthony Wang, Robert Prins Transduction of Diffuse Midline H3K27M Mutant Gliomas with a Replication-Competent Retrovirus Vector STTP
7 Hannah S. Berman Jennifer Hsiao MD Review of treatment and comorbidities in hidradenitis suppurativa patients STTP
8 Tamaara A. Bostwick Gentian Lluri, MD, PhD Effects of Right Ventricle Morphology Versus Left Ventricle Morphology in Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patients STTP
9 Hilary Bowman Jeremy P. Moore, M.D., M.S. Long-term outcomes of cardiac pacing in adults with congenital heart disease STTP
10 Moises Bravo Jeannette P. Lin, MD Safety and Tolerability of Novel Oral Anticoagulants Compared to Warfarin Anticoagulation Therapy in Fontan Patients STTP
11 Daniel J. Brownstein Nishant Patel A Qualitative Analysis of Decisional Conflict in Kidney Stone Patients STTP
12 Amador Bugarin A. Nick Shamie MD Predictors of Medical Malpractice Outcomes after Spine Surgery STTP
13 William R. Capell Dr. Henry Magill Cryer Resuscitation with leukoreduced whole blood may lower transfusion volume requirements in trauma patients compared to standard component therapy STTP
14 Charlene Choo Isla Garraway Determining the role of bone metastasis biomarker Keratin 13 in podosome/invadopodia formation STTP
15 Emily G. Coker Kelsey Martin Excitatory neuron activation in response to contextual fear conditioning: colocalization of c-Fos and CaMKII-α in mouse amygdala STTP
16 Kalonji Y. Cole Dr. Cheryl Hoffman A Clinic Based Model to Educate Patients on Optimum Nutrition STTP
17 Elyse L. Conley Dr. May Nour UCLA Mobile Stroke Unit - Bringing the Hospital to the Patient STTP
18 Tiffany Fan Marco Iacoboni Comparison of TMS and tFUS effects on the motor cortex STTP
19 Christian M. Felix Alfredo A. Sadun Ophthalmic Biomarkers of Preclinical Alzheimer’s disease: An In Vivo Assessment of Retinal Ganglion Cells using Electrophysiology STTP
20 Jessica I. Fernandez Anna Morgan MD Social Determinants of Health and Health Care Utilization Screening in the Continuing Care Clinic at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center STTP
21 Gaylinn Firempong Christopher Giza, MD Long-Term Effects of Repeated Traumatic Brain Injury in Military Veterans and Collegiate & Professional Athletes STTP
22 Gillian M. Foley Dr. Anna-Barbara Moscicki Colposcopic Differences Observed in High-Risk HPV Infections for HPV Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Women STTP
23 Andree Franco Vasquez Altaf Saadi, MD Integrating Legal Education into Medical Care of Immigrant Patients—A Qualitative Case Study of an FQHC’s Waiting Room “Know-Your-Rights” Intervention STTP
24 Jairo M. Garcia Dr. Prabhu Gounder, Dr. Shobita Rajagopalan Evaluation of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Influenza Surveillance Using the CDC Guidelines for Effective Surveillance Systems STTP
25 Anthony M. Gobran Dr. Sai Iyer Screening for Early Literacy Delays in Preschool Children STTP
26 Fangning Gu Mihaela van der Schaar Clinical Adoptability of Machine Learning Derived Prognosis Using Decision-Support System STTP
27 Varun Gudapati Tzung K. Hsiai SAAK Transformation-Based Machine Learning Enhances Data-Efficient Post-Image Processing of Cardiac Microarchitecture STTP
28 Michael A. Hernandez Brett Dolezal, PhD Intervention Study In Overweight Patients with COPD STTP
29 Laura Hernandez Santiago Moran Gotesman, MD Analysis of Nutritional Status in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease STTP
30 Christopher S. Hino Dr. Steven Bensinger Understanding How Lipid Synthetic Flux Influences Th17 function STTP
31 Grant L. Howell Gary Schiller, MD Assessing Efficacy of Surveillance Respiratory Viral Panel by PCR in patients Pre- and Post-Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant STTP
32 Charley Q. Jang Houman Khakpour M.D. Outcomes of Lead Extraction Program at UCLA over Eleven-Year Period STTP
33 Monica Anne R. Justo Ausaf A. Bari MD, PhD Structural Correlates of Human Behavior Based on Deep Brain Stimulation of the Amygdala in a Subject with PTSD STTP
34 Sartajdeep Kahlon Dr. Amar Kishan, Dr. Minsong Cao Analysis of Distensible Organs and Feasibility of Hypofractioned Salvage Radiation Therapy STTP
35 Tina D. Kantaria Debika Bhattacharya, MD MSc Clinical Outcomes in HIV/HBV Co-infected Individuals in a South African Cohort STTP
36 Aubrey D. Kelly Dr. Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi, PhD Music Meets Surgery: Assessing the Efficacy of Postoperative Music Interventions STTP
37 Safiya I. Lahlaf Tania Kaprealian, MD Combination Radiation and Non-Cytotoxic Systemic Therapies for the Treatment of Brain Metastases Secondary to Melanoma STTP
38 Calvin E. Lau Satiro De Oliveira, MD Prevalence of viral diseases and serious complications in pediatric bone marrow transplant patients treated at UCLA STTP
39 Qingyu Li Omai B. Garner, PhD Evaluation of Sōna Lateral Flow Assay for the Rapid Detection of Coccidioides Immitis STTP
40 Jingfeng Liang Maie St. John Patterns of Lymph Node Involvement in Soft Palate Squamous Cell Carcinoma: SEER Database Analysis CTSI Summer Program
41 Fei Lin Irena Tsui, MD Relationship Between Peak Hemoglobin A1c Levels and Efficacy of Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Injections in Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy in the Veterans Health Administration STTP
42 Emily Lin Derjung M. Tarn, MD, PhD Over-the-Counter Product Use in Apixaban Patients STTP
43 Claire Liu Justine Lee, M.D. Ph.D Psychosocial effects of increased surgical burden during childhood in cleft lip and palate patients STTP
44 Nicholas J. Macaluso Gavin Roach Analysis of the Feasibility, Efficacy, and Safety of a Risk-Stratified Thromboprophylaxis Order Set in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients STTP
45 Alexandra L. Mardock Joshua Cohen, M.D. Risk Factors Associated With Venous Thromboembolism in Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section STTP
46 Sergio J. Marquez Mark D. Girgis, MD Impact of Antibiotic Choice on Surgical Site Infections in Patients Following Pancreaticoduodenectomy STTP
47 Kevin M. Mckay Luke Macyszyn Quantifying Change in Cervical Spine Sagittal Radiographic Parameters after Surgery STTP
48 Lydia F. Messele Olujimi Ajijola, MD, PHD Steepened Repolarization Gradients Induced by Sympathoexcitation May Underlie Ventricular Fibrillation During Adrenergic Activation in Normal Hearts STTP
49 Jonathan J. Morales Alan Chiem, MD, MPH Feasibility of Training Emergency Medicine Residents To Perform An Acute Heart Failure Ultrasound Protocol STTP
50 Priyanka K. Naik Dr. Stanley Thomas Carmichael Glial Enriched Progenitor Cells: A novel cell-based therapy for white matter stroke STTP
51 Alfonso Ocampo Angela M. Leung Predictive Power of Procalcitonin for Sepsis in Patients with Hypothyroidism STTP
52 Danielle J. Ogren Michael Ong, MD, PhD; Daniel Croymans MD, MBA, MS; Paul Bixenstine, MD Design and Implementation of the MyLife Randomized Controlled Trial: The Use of Trained Pre-Medical Health Coaches and Wearable Activity Trackers to Encourage Healthy Behaviors in Patients at Risk for Lifestyle-Related Chronic Diseases. STTP
53 David J. Okikawa Peter Szilagyi, MD MPH Patient Portal Utilization in Pediatric Populations STTP
54 Roberta Palau Antillon Moira Inkelas Assessing the Needs and Barriers of L.A. Care Providers in Implementing Standardized Developmental Screenings STTP
55 Ankur P. Patel Amar Kishan, MD Safety and Tolerability of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for Prostate Cancer in Patients with Large Prostates STTP
56 Eden Patton J. Pregler, G. Greendale Effects of Dietary Isoflavone Intake on Serum Estradiol Levels STTP
57 Komal Preet Isaac Yang, M.D. Postoperative hearing preservation in patients undergoing retrosigmoid craniotomy for resection of vestibular schwannomas: A meta-analysis of 2,088 patients STTP
58 Zhiyu Qian Christopher Saigal Understanding the Treatment Decision between Active Surveillance and Active Treatments in Patients with Low-risk Prostate Cancer CTSI Summer Program
59 Sophia H. Ramos Dr. Brandon C. Yarns The Emotional and the Physical: Developing a Technique to Assess Feelings in Primary Care Patients CTSI Summer Program
60 Vanessa F. Rangel Alejandra Casillas MD, MSHS A Needs Assessment of First Generation (First Gen) College Graduates at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine STTP
61 Kara Reitz Robert Prins Evaluation of tumor-infiltrating cell function via multiplex immunohistochemistry of Ki-67 and pSTAT1 in patients treated with pembrolizumab for recurrence/progression of glioblastoma. STTP
62 Elizabeth Rinaldi Jamil Aboulhosn, M.D. Utility of CT angiography to predict coronary artery compression in patients considered for trans-catheter pulmonary valve replacement STTP
63 Sarah E. Rudasill Curtis Hunter, MD Pre-Transplant Malignancy Amongst Lung Transplant Recipients in the Post-LAS Era STTP
64 Joshua L. Rusheen Jonathan Tobis Does a Patent Foramen Ovale Predispose Hikers to Acute Mountain Sickness? STTP
65 Joshua E. Sadik Dr. Julian Martinez and Dr. Aaron Besterman Effects of an Educational Initiative on the Rate of Genetic Testing in an Inpatient Child Psychiatry Unit Psychiatry Summer Fellowship
66 Sophia Sangar Alisha N. West, MD Unplanned Revisits Following Pediatric Sinus Surgery STTP
68 Iram Shafqat Larry Hoffman An In Vitro Model for Investigating Cisplatin-Induced Mitochondrial Compromise STTP
69 Robert Shahinyan Basmah Abdalla M.D. AMR in Renal Transplant Patients STTP
70 Monica R. Sheridan Warren Grundfest, MD Medical students' perspective on the clinical skills curriculum STTP
71 Midori P. Starks Shakti Singh MS/PhD Cloning and Expression of Candida albicans Als3p homolog from Candida auris in E. coli STTP
72 Lisa D. Su Jennifer Beck, MD Evaluation of general and musculoskeletal health literacy disparities in pediatric sports injury patient populations STTP
73 Ajith K. Subhash Frank A. Petrigliano, M.D. Molecular Characterization of Fibroadipogenesis and Transient Myogenesis in a Murine Model of Massive Rotator Cuff Tear STTP
74 Micheal R. Thomas Noel G. Boyle MD Ventricular Arrhythmias in Mitral Valve Prolapse STTP
75 Timothy W. Torrez Pat Campbell Identifying Artificial Vertebral Disc Wear Debris On Tissue Sections STTP
76 Thanh D. Tran Robert L. Modlin Detection of cathelicidin in different clinical forms of leprosy STTP
77 Kevin Tran Marmar Vaseghi, M.D. Ph.D. Comparison of Survival and Shock-Free Times Among Patient Subtypes that have undergone Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation (CSD) for Ventricular Tachycardia STTP
78 Patrick T. Tran Jenny Kim Carbohydrates isolated from Propionibacterium acnes phylotypes induce distinct inflammatory responses STTP
79 Emilee A. Trujillo Timothy Fong, M.D. Cannabis Use and Non-Use in Hispanics of Imperial County, CA STTP
80 Lauren E. Uhr Nader Pouratian, MD, PhD Diffusion Tensor Imaging Correlates of Parkinson’s Disease and Depression STTP
81 Ayman Ullah Rebecca Dudovitz Evaluating the Effects of AVID on Substance Use Behaviors of High-Performing Classmates STTP
82 Sam I. Uweh Dr. Kristopher Jones Variability of United States Online Rehabilitation Protocols for Osteochondral Allograft Transplant Surgeries STTP
83 Paulina G. Villanueva Gary W Mathern, MD Rasmussen’s Encephalitis Clinical Presentation and Histopathology at UCLA STTP
84 Aubrey J. Walker Reza Ardehali MD, PhD Analysis of Neonatal-Plasma-Derived Proteins Mediating Cardioprotective Effects After Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury STTP
85 Maxwell M. Wang Michael Yeh, MD Intersection between ultrasonography and molecular testing in the workup of indeterminate thyroid nodules STTP
86 Allison T. Woods Yalda Afshar, MD, PhD; Greggory Devore, MD; Brian Koos, MD, DPhil Descriptive Hemodynamic Evaluation of Central Blood Pressure Throughout Pregnancy STTP
87 Calvin W. Wong Masha J. Livhits Quality of Life in Patients with Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules STTP
88 Ryan I. Woodson Aparna Sridhar, MD, MPH Understanding the Usability of Immersive Virtual Reality on Anxiety and Pain during First Trimester Abortion: A Qualitative Study CTSI Summer Program
89 Jessica Wu Anthony Aldave, MD Transcriptomic analysis of human corneal endothelial cells during in vitro expansion STTP
90 Vivian L. Wung Quinton Gopen Risk factors and Outcomes of Semicircular Canal Occlusion in SSCD Repair STTP
91 Hanning Xing Peyman Benharash Association Between Inter-hospital Transfer and TAVR Index and 30-Day Readmission Outcomes STTP
92 Jason J. Yang Jason Bradfield Electrocardiographic Changes Preceding In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests from Pulseless Electrical Activity/ Asystole Provide Insights into Underlying Cause and Pathophysiology STTP
93 Joo Yeon Jung Dr. Anthony J. Aldave, M.D. Confirmation of intronic mutations in the Grainyhead-like 2 (GRHL2) gene in posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy 4 (PPCD4) STTP
94 Brian K. Zukotynski Nicholas Bernthal Daily Dose, Postoperative Sildenafil Decreases Infection in a Mouse Model of Periprosthetic Joint Infection STTP
95 Imran Ahmed Dr. Franciso Ramos-Gomez Examining the Role of Interprofessional Education in Advancing Pediatric Dentistry Curricula: A Systematic Review CTSI Summer Program
96 Amanda Ankrom Dr. Ian Coulter Dental Students’ Knowledge, Perceptions, and Utilization of Caries Risk Assessment and Preventative Measures CTSI Summer Program
97 Vania Chan Kathryn Atchison DDS MPH A Pilot Study of the Barriers and Facilitators Encountered by School Nurses to Educate Students On Oral Health in Los Angeles Primary Schools CTSI Summer Program
98 Kearny Chang Dr. Flavia Pirih, Dr. Maria Galvan Effect of human oral microbiota exposed to e-cig smoke and their effect on periodontitis in a murine model CTSI Summer Program
99 Anna Dermenchyan Lynn Doering, PhD, RN, FAAN Heart Failure Management in the Primary Care Practice Setting CTSI Summer Program
100 Brittany Tate Dr. Kathyrn Atchison DDS MPH Pilot Study Examining the Integration of Social Work into Academic Dentistry CTSI Summer Program
101 George Truong William Cunningham, MD, MPH Association of substance use with ART adherence and viral suppression among people living with HIV entering LA county jail CTSI Summer Program
102 Olivia H. Wu Adam Schickedanz, MD PhD Measuring Financial and Social Need at a Pediatric Safety Net Clinic in Los Angeles CTSI Summer Program
103 Tam N. Au Allison Mays MD, MAS Leveraging Exercise to Age in Place (L.E.A.P.): Engaging Older Adults in Community-Based Exercise to Combat Social Isolation Medical Student Training in Aging (MSTAR) Research Program
104 Justo A. Caballero Alexandra Stavrakis, MD and Nicholas Bernthal, MD Perioperative Zoledronic Acid Increases Bacterial Burden in a Validated Model of Prosthetic Joint Infection Medical Student Training in Aging (MSTAR) Research Program
105 Manogna Manne Deena S. Goldwater Relationship Between Two Frailty Assessments and Lung Allocation Scores in Patients Being Evaluated for Lung Transplantation Medical Student Training in Aging (MSTAR) Research Program
106 Elisabeth A. Parra Catherine Sarkisian Walkability among different senior centers in Los Angeles Medical Student Training in Aging (MSTAR) Research Program
107 Sara Shu Joshua Hyong-Jin Cho, MD PhD Lipopolysaccharide-induced intracellular cytokines as biomarkers of depression in older adults Medical Student Training in Aging (MSTAR) Research Program
108 Kassandra E. Zaila David Reuben MD Evaluating Recommendations for Patients or Caregivers who showed no Clinical Benefit in an Alzheimer’s Dementia Care program Medical Student Training in Aging (MSTAR) Research Program
109 Huailin Zhang Yvonne Yang M.D., Ph.D. Treatment of Cognitive and Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia with N-acetylcysteine: Baseline Exploratory Analysis Psychiatry Summer Fellowship
110 Miriam D. Ramos Rodriguez Dawn Bernard, MSHCM,PA-C,RN and Brian Prestwich, MD Exploring Barriers to Care and Improving Blood Pressure Control Through Integration of Health Technology and Self Care Management at Watts Health Center Other: GE-NMF Primary Care Leadership Program
111 Cameron Hines Armen Arshakyan MD Analysis of the Health Care Barriers of Saban Community Clinic E6 Clients Other: Jim Slotnick Fellowship
112 Jeremy-Ann G. Ham Armen Arshakyan, M.D. Improving Fecal Immunochemistry Testing (FIT) at Saban Community Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project Other: Jim Slotnick Fellowship in Medicine At Saban Community Clinic
113 Roberto G. Gonzalez Gerardo Moreno, MD, MSHS, Patrick Dowling, MD, MPH MiMentor Medical School Ready: A Statewide Enrichment Program to Increase the Number of Latino Medical Students in California Family Medicine Summer Fellowship
114 Chanae R. Hardamon Gerardo Moreno, MD, MSHS BARRIERS TO POST-NICU HIGH-RISK INFANT OUTPATIENT FOLLOW-UP CARE Family Medicine Summer Fellowship
115 Jose A. Negrete Manriquez Dr. Patrick Dowling We Grow Enough Food, but Not Enough Doctors: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing a Health Professions Program in a Rural High School Family Medicine Summer Fellowship
116 Diana Lopez Jyoti Puvvula M.D, Gilberto Granados M.D Parents Immigration Status as an Indicator of Child's Health Summer Urban Fellowship
117 Shuang An Liang Dr. Jyoti Puvvula and Dr. Gilberto Granados Assessing the Frequency of Parental Reading to Their Children in the Community of Watts in South Los Angeles Summer Urban Fellowship
118 Nikhil Bellamkonda Rochelle Dicker, MD Cost-Effectiveness of Exploratory Laparotomy in Soroti, Uganda Global Health Research Fellowship
119 Brigham Breton Wendy Leonard, MD & Emery Chang, MD Antenatal Care in Rwanda: Identifying Barriers to Care Other: Global Health STTP
120 Rachel L. Budker Ian Holloway ¿Donde Esta La Mamita? Transgender Sexual and Reproductive Health: Participatory Action Research in Bogotá, Colombia Global Health Research Fellowship
121 Xialing Ann Chen Dr. Junghee Lee Rethinking Schizophrenia: Qualitative Analysis of Distinctive Patterns in Voice Hearing Experiences of Frequent Voice Hearers Without a Need for Psychological Care in London, UK Global Health Research Fellowship
122 Xiaomeng Deng Dr. Jeffrey Klausner Literature Review on Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Sexually Transmitted Infections among Men Who Have Sex with Men Global Health Research Fellowship
123 Zhuyu Guo Jorge Lazareff Barriers to Care for Neural Tube Defects in China Global Health Research Fellowship
124 Madeleine R. Heller Dr. Jeffrey Klausner An Evaluation of Patient Experience and Suggestions for Improvement at a Longstanding Student-Run Free Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa STTP
125 Nivedita Keshav Dr. Elizabeth Barnert Role of Parent Engagement in Overcoming Barriers to Care for Youth Returning Home after Incarceration STTP
126 Kenneth T. Kim Breena R. Taira, MD, MPH, CPH, FACEP Hospital and Systems-Level Interventions to Improve Care for Limited English Proficiency Patients: a Systematic Review Global Health Research Fellowship
127 Hanh Nguyen W. Chris Buck, MD Evaluation of the Pediatric HIV and TB Care Cascades from Mozambique Other: Global STTP
128 Eviola Nakhla Scott Warswick, M.D. Association between Amphetamine and Pramipexole History and Neurodermatologic Conditions: A Retrospective Review STTP
129 Robera Oljira Kara-Lee Pool, Gillian Battino Evaluating Quality Improvement after the Implementation of the First Radiology Residency Program at Georgetown Public Hospital STTP
130 Boris Pavic Dr. Jorge Lazareff Parental Perception of Barriers to Surgical Care for Neural Tube Defects in Guatemala Global Health Research Fellowship
131 Simone J. Renault Ippolytos Kalofonos, MD, PhD, MPH The effectiveness of a low-intensity, lay counsellor-delivered, problem-solving intervention for common mental health problems in school-based adolescents in New Delhi, India Global Health Research Fellowship
132 David Shabsovich Thomas Coates PhD Prepping for PrEP: Evaluating pregnancy symptoms and ART side effects in pregnant women in Cape Town, South Africa Global Health Research Fellowship
133 Alexandria M. Thomas Jeffrey Klausner MD, MPH Medical Student Experience and Perception of Patient Satisfaction at a Longstanding Student-Run Free Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa Global Health Research Fellowship
134 Alast Ahmadi Catherine Sarkisian, MD, MSPH, Victor Duval, MD Retrospective Analysis of a Workflow Redesign Intervention for Reducing Inappropriate Preoperative Testing in Cataract Surgery Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship
135 Alexander S. Chen Joseph A. Ladapo, John Mafi Comparing the Value and Efficiency of Emergency Care among U.S. Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physicians CTSI Summer Program
136 Regina Liu Dr. Jason Napolitano The efficiency of online "inked" videos versus recorded PowerPoint lectures in teaching pathology to medical students Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship
137 Zachary M. Jacobs Anjay Rastogi, M.D. Ph.D. Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Organ Donation in the LGBTQ Community Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship
138 Katherine Makaroff Zekun Feng, M.D. Early Cardiovascular Health Outreach SMS: A Text-Messaging Preventive Health Program Applied To Promote Healthy Sleep Habits Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship
139 Alex M. Mirman Tamara Horwich, MS, MD Comparing the Efficacy of Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs on Body Composition and Cardiac Biomarkers in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship
140 Karen A. Olaco Lin Chang MD The association of visceral adiposity with irritable bowel syndrome, symptom severity, and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis response Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship
141 Angela L. Reese Olujimi Ajijola M.D., Ph.D. Impact of Bilateral Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation on Cardiovascular Autonomic Reflexes Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship
142 Demelio A. Urbano Catherine Sarkisian MD, MSHS The relationship between individual risk factors and likelihood to list modifiable stroke risk factors amongst racial/ethnic minority seniors in Los Angeles Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship
143 Habib Khoury Peyman Benharash Thirty-Day Readmission Following Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement: A National Study Other:
144 Alexander Soto Dr. Anitha Mullangi and Dr. Kimberly Heugule Implementing an obesity referral process at St. John Well Child & Family Center Other: National Medical Fellowships Primary Care Leadership Program (NMF-PCLP)
145 Jack R. Takahashi Jason Belling, Steven Jonas Lipid Bilayer-Coated PDMS Microfluidics for Gene Delivery STTP
146 Marcos Munoz Sonali Sanjula MD, Ursula Baffigo MD MPH, Anjali Mahoney MD, and Catherine Peterson MA MPH Access to Long Acting Family Planning Contraceptives at AltaMed Other: GE-NMF Primary Care Leadership Program
147 Marlene Lopez Deborah Lerner, MD Interventions to Increase Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates Among Eisner Health Mothers Other: GE-NMF Primary Care Leadership Program
148 Jesus A. Medina Kristofer J. Jones, MD Web-based Survey of Protocols for Microfracture Surgery of Chondral and Osteochondral Defects of the Knee Other: Nth Dimensions
149 Dylan C. Dean Dr. Duan From genomics to metabolomics: emerging metastatic biomarkers in osteosarcoma Other: