Josiah Brown Poster Abstract


Zachary M. Jacobs
Anjay Rastogi, M.D. Ph.D.
Farid Arman, Lewis Simon, Kevin Donohue, Ariana Apopei, Anjay Rastogi
Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Organ Donation in the LGBTQ Community
Internal Medicine Chief's Fellowship

Background: Organ transplantation saves thousands of lives each year, however, over a hundred thousand people are currently on the waiting list to receive an organ for transplant and approximately 20 people die every day while waiting for an organ. Thus, increasing the supply of donated organs is extremely important. FDA guidelines currently prevent men who have sex with men (MSM) from donating blood, which could potentially lead MSM and others in the LGBTQ community to conclude that they are also banned from being organ donors.


Objective: To assess the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs pertaining to organ donation in the LGBTQ community and determine the effectiveness of an organ donation educational intervention.


Hypotheses: Knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs, specifically about eligibility for organ donation and interest in organ donation, will be low among the LGBTQ community and specifically MSM. The implementation of an educational intervention will increase knowledge and dispel common misconceptions about organ donation as well as improve interest in being an organ donor. These findings will demonstrate an unmet need for more public education about organ donation in the LGBTQ community.


Methods: The study will be conducted in three phases. First, a Qualtrics survey will be sent out through email lists of local LGBTQ community groups to assess knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about organ donation. After participants complete the survey, they will be prompted to watch a series of 4 short (1-3 minute) videos about organ donation. One month after watching the videos, the same Qualtrics survey will be sent out again to assess for the impact of the educational intervention.


Future Steps: IRB approval pending. Educational intervention video production in progress. Currently establishing connections with prominent LGBTQ groups for email distribution.