Josiah Brown Poster Abstract


Robera Oljira
Kara-Lee Pool, Gillian Battino
Joel Joseph, Angelita Sue
Evaluating Quality Improvement after the Implementation of the First Radiology Residency Program at Georgetown Public Hospital

The first radiology residency program in Guyana was recently implemented at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The residency program is a product of collaboration between RAD-AID International, University of Guyana and GPHC, and began in November, 2017. However, the onsite training at GPHC started in May 6, 2018 and the CT scanner began to operate on May 14, 2018.  Thus, the post-implementation of the residency program time period is taken to be after the start of the onsite training for x-ray and ultrasound modalities while may 14thwas the date taken to be start of post-implementation period for CT scan related data. The comparison of quality of medical service measures pre- and post-implementation of the radiology residency program allow us to assess the impact of the program on the patient population served by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. We hypothesize that the radiology residency program has (1) increased the volume of radiology cases; (2) decreased radiology report turnaround time of CT scans; (3) decreased mortality rates and wait times of the Accident and Emergency Department (A&ED). After implementation of the residency program, the volume of CT scans was increased by 37% while CT scan report turnaround time decreased from 24 hours to 2.5 hours. There was no significant difference in A&ED wait times and mortality rates between pre-implementation and post-implementation periods. This early evaluation shows quality improvement of in CT imaging services. We expect to see similar improvements in other imaging modalities, such US and X-rays, and a reduction in A&ED wait times with as the program advances.