Advanced PBL Tutor Training
The Return Session

Sponsored by
Dean’s Office/ Office of Educational Development and Research/
Instructional Design and Technology Unit,
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Graduate School of Education, UCLA
  • Welcome to the first online PBL training system geared towards the experienced PBL tutor.
  • Whether you have taught PBL for 10 years or one year, this module will provide you with some ideas and tips for improvement.
  • This module is specially designed for the skills needed in conducting or facilitating the return session (usually held Fridays).
  • This online, video-based module has been created with the busy faculty member in mind, thus making it accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • The module is designed to be brief (30-60 minutes) yet content rich.
  • "I have been teaching PBL for a long time—I don’t need this training."
  • "I feel I am doing just fine teaching PBL and facilitating the return session on Fridays."
  • "What am I going to learn that I don’t already know?"
  • "Why should I want to participate in this module?"
    These are all valid concerns and questions
  • Recent studies have shown that PBL faculty often struggle with the skills associated with the return session.
  • We currently only offer limited, brief training about the skills needed to facilitate the return session to PBL faculty.
  • An online, video-based system would allow busy faculty to obtain (or brush up on) these skills anytime, anywhere—without having to come to campus.
You will need:
  1. Windows or Real Media Player to view the videos
    1. You can download them for free at or
    2. Be sure to reboot computer after you download and install the new media players
  2. Speakers and/or headphones to hear the audio components
    1. Make sure your speakers are plugged in and turned on
Module Goal

Since every tutor brings their own style and approach to the PBL experience, this training module is simply meant to provide you with some ideas, suggestions and strategies that will be useful to you when facilitating return sessions.


Given video examples of real small-group PBL encounters, at the end of this module, you will be able to integrate new and effective strategies on how to:
  1. Launch the return session
  2. Identify opportunities for feedback concerning student learning issues
  3. Integrate learning issues into the discussion
  4. End the return session
  • Experience teaching problem-based learning (to medical students)
  • Desire to improve your teaching performance
Your first and last name is appreciated (i.e., johndoe) however any combination of characters is acceptable to begin this module.