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    Amaka Ehirim
  • PI

    Jenny Kim, MD, PhD

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    Amaka Ehirim

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    Addressing Dermatologic Health Disparities within the UCLA Health System

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    Dermatologic health disparities continue to plague communities of color, which increases the need to expand access to dermatologic care in these communities. Although many studies exist that closely examine health disparities across a variety of medical specialties, limited data exists that specifically highlights the impact of health disparities in dermatology. Current research on dermatologic health disparities attributes these disparities partially to dermatologic maldistribution (many minority communities often have very few dermatologists) and difficulty obtaining dermatology appointments in urban, low income communities.1 Additionally, studies show that the majority (92%) of patients seen by dermatologists are white, with less than 10% of minority patients being seen.2 UCLA’s Division of Dermatology currently has eight clinic locations across LA County (in Service Planning Areas 2, 5, and 8), serving areas with a low percentage of minority populations.3 The aim of this study is two-fold. First is to assess whether UCLA’s Division of Dermatology is sufficiently reaching patients of color who seek dermatologic care. Second, is to determine what barriers exist toward access to dermatologic care in minority communities in an effort to understand why such a small proportion of this population seeks care in this field. Additionally, we aim to determine whether UCLA Health is meeting the dermatologic health needs of these communities. Ethnic minorities comprise more than half (approximately 70%)3 of the population of Los Angeles (LA) County, highlighting the critical need for UCLA Health, one of LA County’s largest health systems, to ensure that it is providing adequate dermatologic care to patients in these communities.



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