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    Theo Stoddard Bennett
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    Simon Fung

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    Agreement of Rebound (ic200) and Applanation (Perkins Mk3) Tonometry In a Healthy Pediatric Population

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    CTSI TL1 Summer Program

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    Accurate measuring of intraocular pressure (IOP) using tonometry is fundamental in diagnosing a variety of ophthalmic pathologies including glaucoma and orbital compartment syndrome. Traditional tonometry requires direct contact with the corneal surface for 5-10 seconds and topical anesthesia; often children and infants are unable to sit for IOP measurement due to these requirements. The iCare ic200 is a new FDA-approved tonometer without these limitations. It has demonstrated in the past 3 years to have clinically relevant agreement with applanation tonometers in a variety of populations, however, there is insufficient data in healthy children. We compared IOP measurements of 42 healthy children using the ic200 with traditional measurements with Perkins tonometry. Additionally, we explored the effects of central corneal thickness and age on IOP. The mean IOP obtained by IC200 was 17.29 mmHg and Perkins was 16.28 mmHg.  A statistically significant correlation was observed between IOP measures between ic200 and Perkins tonometers (r^2 = 0.38; p = 1.92x10-5). , As the IC200 is being steadily adopted by pediatric ophthalmologists, these results support the implementation of this new device to simplify the screening process for glaucoma. 

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