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  • Author
    Anthony Chen
  • PI

    Jennifer Long, MD, PhD

  • Co-Author

    Yazeed Alhiyari, PhD, Kym Faull, PhD, Julian Whitelegge, PhD, Patrick Schlegel, PhD

  • Title

    Proteomics of the Pre-Operative Porcine Vocal Cord Via Tandem Mass Spectrometry

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  • Abstract

    Laryngeal cancer affects approximately 14 individuals per 100,000 every year and can be surgically treated via partial vocal cordectomy, which is associated with a decrease in vocal and speech capacity proportional to the quantity of glottis removed. Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell (ASC) implants are currently being studied as a potential method of cell-based outer vocal fold replacement (COVR) to restore normal voice following vocal cordectomy. Studies to evaluate the efficacy of ASC implants post-cordectomy are currently underway in the porcine animal model, and quantitative methods are being developed to evaluate the degree of post-operative healing. In this study, we apply tandem mass-spectrometry proteomics to determine the pre-operative protein composition of the pig vocal cord for the first time, such that post-operative changes may be compared over time. The five most abundant proteins identified were decorin (50.6%), vimentin (9.7%), fibrinogen (8.5%), histone H4 (1.2%), and fructose-bisphosphate aldolase (0.9%), with a reasonable level of congruence between two sides of the same vocal cord. Desmosine and hydroxyproline content, markers for elastin and collagen respectively, were also quantitated. Future studies to evaluate variability in vocal cord protein abundance between pigs and to monitor post-surgical changes are underway.

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