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    Abdulrahman Almalouhi
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    Abdulrahman Almalouhi

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    Immersive Virtual Reality Exergaming impact on Muscle Activity

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    CTSI TL1 Summer Program

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    Objective: To measure metabolic and physiological demand, subjective fatigue, and enjoyment during a signature 30-minute immersive virtual reality (IVR) adaptive cable resistance exergaming session.

    Methods: Fourteen healthy, college-aged individuals (7 females) were initially acquainted with the IVR equipment and gameplay dynamics. Participants then underwent a 30-minute IVR exergaming session performing six different cable resistance exercises. A portable metabolic gas exchange analyzer concurrently assessed energy expenditure (EE) via indirect calorimetry while a chest-worn monitor captured heart rate (HR). Participants subsequently completed questionnaires including the Borg scale for Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE), Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale (PACES), and Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ).

    Results: The overall mean metabolic equivalent (MET) during the session was 12.9 (0.5). EE was greater in males compared to females in terms of kcal/min (P=0.001), total kcal (P=0.001), and METs (P=0.029). Females demonstrated higher average HR (P = 0.020) and HR as a percentage of theoretical HRmax (P=0.018). Men achieved greater volume of total weight lifted during the session (P < 0.001) and with chest press (P=0.005), overhead press (P=0.001), stiff-leg deadlift (P =0.002), and squat (P =0.015). The mean (SD) RPE, PACES and SSQ scores were 14 (1), 4.31 (0.36) and 24.04 (24.13), respectively.

    Conclusions: IVR exergaming incorporating cable resistance training elicits high EE and physiological demand with high enjoyment scores while attenuating perceived fatigue. The potential for IVR to elicit these acute training effects repetitively over long-term training periods warrants further investigation into its contribution to weight loss, metabolic health, and musculoskeletal performance.

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