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    Lizeth Carrillo
  • PI

    Dr. Rochelle Dicker

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    Jordan Brafman, Joseph Wertz

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    Validation and Case Fatality Rate Examination Using Police Agency-Reported Officer Involved Shooting Data

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    The majority of research on officer involved shootings (OIS) exclusively focuses on fatal shootings but many OIS do not result in fatality. OIS surveillance exists in two primary forms: non-governmental databases and police agency reporting. Non-governmental databases are crowd-sourced or journalistic; however, these resources only track fatal incidents. U.S. police agency reporting of fatal and non-fatal OIS is voluntary and no national governmental surveillance system exists to monitor the when, where, why, on whom, or outcome of lethal use of force. Additionally, data reported by police agencies has not been rigorously validated in count, either fatal or non-fatal, nor in victim, officer, or incident details. This project validates OIS data reported by eight police agencies from 2015 to 2020 and using that validated data examines the case fatality rates for those agencies. We used the inclusion criteria of agencies that reported at minimum: incident number, date, location, officer race, officer gender, victim race, victim gender and outcome. We validated fatal OIS data reported by the agencies by comparing it to two crowd-sourced databases and one journalistic database. The validation for the fatal incidents serves as a proxy for the non-fatal agency-reported data with the recognition that this is an uncertain measure. Using the validated fatality data, we then calculated aggregate and individual year case fatality rates, the proportion of victim outcomes that resulted in fatalities, for each agency using agency-reported data. In the future, we intend to use the validated data to compare victim, officer, and location characteristics in fatal versus non-fatal encounters.




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