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    Marie Luff
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    Li Zhou

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    Marie Luff

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    Clinical Ethnographic Research in Pediatric Urology

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    Learning about and engaging in the biodesign process empowers both medical trainees and health care providers to take action and address the shortcomings of health care encountered in daily clinical practice. To engage in the biodesign process, I am seeking to answer the following basic research question: “What are the most pressing unmet clinical needs within pediatric urology at UCLA (Westwood and Santa Monica sites)?”. To answer this question, I will be conducting an ethnographic research study within pediatric urology at UCLA under the supervision of Dr. Renea Sturm. Opportunities for medical innovation within this clinical setting will be identified through weekly clinical immersion and interviews of health care staff. Biodesign techniques and tools acquired during the didactics sessions of the Sling Health Summer Biodesign Program will guide needs identification, prioritization, and selection, as well as solution landscaping and development.

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