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  • Author
    Persiana Saffari
  • PI

    Dr. Daniel B. Rootman

  • Co-Author

    John Nesemann, Blake Katsev

  • Title

    Vertical Globe Position in Patients with Thyroid Eye Disease and Intraconal Tumors

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  • Abstract

    Patients with phenotypically severe thyroid eye disease have been shown to be absent from work four to five times more frequently than asymptomatic or less severely affected patients due to the functional and aesthetic toll of the disease. [1] Our study compared pre- and post-operative measurements of globe position, interpupillary distance, proptosis, and exophthalmos between a normal control poplation and patients with thyroid eye disease or an intraconal tumor to determine if orbital surgery affects vertical globe position. 269 patients met our imaging criteria and were used in our linear regression and Pearson correlation analyses. Results demonstrated a significantly lower globe position in patients with thyroid eye disease compared to the control populace. Upon expanding the sample size and weighing the type of decompression surgery performed, we will determine if the trend of hypoglobus in thyroid eye disease and intraconal tumor patients is significant.

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