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  • Author
    Guneet Kaur
  • PI

    Dr. Karol Watson

  • Co-Author

    Dr. Vijaya Surampudi

  • Title

    Blood Glucose Trends in Relationship to Metabolic Health, Stress, and Sleep

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  • Abstract

    The relevance of diet, sleep, and stress and their metabolic consequences in cardiovascular risk is principal. Current improvements and developments in food labeling and personal self-tracking devices and applications (eg, continuous glucose monitors [CGMs] and food logging apps), signal potential for better quantification of personal traits that could assist in defining personalized approaches for glycemic control. The objective of the proposed study is to evaluate daily glucose fluctuations and blood glucose time-in-range in relation to dietary intake and correlate excursions with metabolic risk factors in adult women without a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. With the use of CGM technology to explore daily blood glucose trends in non-diabetic women, the goal is to investigate relationships between blood glucose and metabolic parameters as well as sleep and stress factors

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