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  • Author
    Mary Lee
  • PI

    David Cho, MD

  • Co-Author

    Mary Lee, MPH

  • Title

    Clinical Ethnography in Cardiology, Identifying a Primary Innovation Target

  • Program

    CTSI TL1 Summer Program

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  • Abstract

    Training and engaging in the biodesign process empowers medical students and clinicians to take action to address the shortcomings they encounter in daily clinical practice. I was trained in biodesign through the Sling Health Summer Biodesign Program and acted as a clinical ethnographer, seeking to find the most pressing unmet clinical needs within outpatient cardiology at the UCLA Specialty Clinic in Santa Clarita. I worked under the mentorship and supervision of Dr. David Cho. Needs were discovered through a combination of clinical observation, didactic instruction, stakeholder interviews, and literature review. Subsequently, needs prioritization, needs selection, needs statement development, value proposition, solution landscaping, and solution development were performed. Through this process, I identified that the high volume of the physician EMR inbox was the primary innovation target. After validating this need through iterative interviews, a preliminary solution concept was developed, which involves AI-powered predictive text and message content identification/sorting.

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