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  • Author
    Audrey Torrest
  • Co-author

    Audrey Torrest, Alexandria Thomas, Rachel Spronz, and Priyanka Fernandes MD

  • Title

    Evaluating baseline measures of lifestyle medicine in patients enrolled at the UCLA Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

  • Abstract

    Lifestyle Medicine is the evidence-based practice of helping individuals and families adopt and sustain behaviors that improve their health and quality of life. This study aims to examine the baseline health and well-being of patients enrolled in the UCLA Lifestyle Medicine Clinic through evaluating six key areas of lifestyle medicine including diet, physical activity, sleep, substance-use, and social connectedness. Data, including demographic information, BMI, blood pressure, hemoglobin A1c levels, comorbid diagnoses, and medications as well as process measures in these six key areas of lifestyle medicine were collected from pre-existing electronic health records for each patient after their initial intake visit at the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. Through evaluating the baseline health of our patients, including their health-related behaviors in the six key areas of lifestyle medicine, our study has allowed us to better understand the types of patients enrolled in our clinic as well as highlight future areas of intervention for our physician and health coaches to better assist our patients in improving their health and quality of life.

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