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    Diana Lopez
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    MyPlate Dissemination for Latinos in Rural Communities

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    Background: The MyPlate guidelines are the cornerstone of government-sponsored nutrition education programs, following these guidelines reduces risk of major chronic diseases. Yet, Latinos in rural communities have limited access to such programs. Furthermore, limited access to healthy food resources and little experience incorporating evidence-based dietary practices into daily food preparation create additional barriers to healthy food consumption.

    Objectives: Our project will focus on increasing the dissemination of the MyPlate evidence via creation of a cookbook, cooking demonstrations, and social media platforms. The goal is to enhance health knowledge and patients’ motivation and ability to use and apply this evidence.

    Method: Establishment of shared governance through a Steering Council of patients and stakeholders. At the beginning of the project, council will meet quarterly to oversee project goals, capacity building, and dissemination activities. The council will form a Dissemination Workgroup, led by patient and community partners, to review and revise the MyPlate recipes, as well as develop a dissemination plan.

    Results: Motivation and ability to use and apply the MyPlate recipes will be evaluated via pre and posttest surveys administered immediately before and after the community cooking demonstrations. The 24-item diabetes knowledge scale will be used to assess pre and post diabetes knowledge. Will evaluate the reach of MyPlate evidence via basic descriptive statistics collected throughout the 12 months: total number of cookbooks given to patients, quarterly social media brief reports on comments, and sharing/retweeting of MyPlate related material.

    Conclusion: MyPlate Dissemination for Latinos in Rural communities is key to addressing the need for: culturally vetted health education and increasing access to evidence-based health education. We anticipate that the community will consider this intervention to be a success if patients demonstrate motivation to use the recipes and have increased health knowledge following participation in the cooking demonstrations.

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