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    Christopher Haxhi
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    Michael T. Goupil, DDS, MEd, MBA

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    Part I Perioperative Technique. Chapter 5: Oral Sedation

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    Office-Based Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures (subtitle: A step-by-step approach)

    Part I Perioperative Technique. Chapter 5: Oral Sedation

    Christopher Haxhi DMD, Acute Care College

    Mentor: Michael T. Goupil, DDS, MEd, MBA

    Abstract:  Dental phobia can cause patient populations to avoid regular dental care throughout their lifetime.  In this modern era, where, culturally, there is more emphasis on comfort, feelings, and avoiding situations that may be uncomfortable, the demand for sedation in dentistry and oral surgery has increased exponentially.  The goal of oral sedation is to relieve dental phobia and increase compliance during the treatment time.  To adequately treat patients who may otherwise refuse basic dental care, and for commercial success, the practitioner should be familiar with oral sedation methods. This chapter is designed to familiarize clinicians with their sedation medication arsenal, the pharmacologic effects of these drugs, and techniques for safely providing oral sedation.  The spectrum of sedation will be introduced and the most common classes of oral sedatives used in an outpatient setting will be reviewed including benzodiazepines, antihistaminergic agents, and opioids.

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