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    Jonathan Lin
  • Co-author

    Keegan Owsley, Matt Bahr, Eric Diebold, Dino Di Carlo

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    A frequency-multiplexed, inertial microfluidic parallel flow cytometer for high-throughput screening

  • Abstract

    Flow cytometry is a powerful biological tool, allowing multiparameter, single-cell measurements of biochemical markers. Although conventional flow cytometers are capable of high-throughput, their sample throughput is limited by serial processing. We demonstrate a high-sample-throughput, inertial-microfluidic, digital radiofrequency-encoded array (HIDRA) parallel flow cytometer that is capable of simultaneous interrogation of eight samples through Fluorescence Imaging using Radiofrequency-tagged Emission (FIRE) and inertial microfluidic focusing. We perform validation with 6-peak fluorescent calibration beads and demonstrate compatibility with conventional biological assays. With this system, we adapt a research tool for high throughput screening, enabling the study of drug-cell interactions at the single cell level.

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